Manage Calls

Track all incoming and outgoing calls, record phone conversations and even block incoming calls.

Read SMS

Read every single text message even after its deletion by the target user.

Track Email

Read the content of email messages sent/received by the target user.

Monitor GPS Location

Identify the exact location of your target in real time even when GPS is not available.

Monitor Internet Habits

Keep tabs on browsing history and bookmarks. Block any inappropriate websites.

Access Calendar and Contacts

Get insider knowledge by looking at calendar appointments and contact details.

View Instant Messages

Check every chat message sent/received by your target via Skype, Viber, iMessage, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Call recording

Turn any mobile device into a surveillance bug and never miss a thing!

Control App Usage

Check the list of all apps installed on the phone and block any that you find inappropriate.

View Photos & Videos

View every single photo or video stored on the device.

Remote Commands

Improve phone security with remote commands. Wipe out phone data or just lock the phone remotely in the event of device loss or theft.

Analyze It

Access detailed reports about all activity on the device. This is excellent for those monitoring multiple devices.

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mSpy keylogging feature will let you read everything your target user taps on the mobile device. With Keylogger you will be able to collect logins, search phrases, messages, and other data that will shed the light on what your target is up to.