What is mSpy?

    Is my privacy protected?

    How does mSpy work?

    What differentiates mSpy from other similar apps?

    Why would I use mSpy?

    How do I get started?

    What phones can I use with mSpy?

    Does this really work?

    How do I monitor my employees?

    How is mSpy delivered? Do I pay for shipping?

    How can I pay for mSpy?

    Can mSpy be set up to record surroundings in specified time intervals?

    Can I download mSpy to my PC?

    Where can I find IM?

    Does mSpy support my phone service provider?

    Why is Internet access required for the target phone?

    Does the data transfer from mSpy (GRPS/Internet connection) show up on the phone bill for the target device?

    How do I find out if mSpy is installed on my phone?

    How do I see the tracking information?

    Can I get technical support?